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About Venture Capital

Venture capital is an alternative source of funding for new or existing enterprises with a significant growth potential in their market segment. These often are small to medium companies, usually at an early stage of their development, with able and competent management. However, in order to develop even further, they need funding, professional advice and support and need to create significant market alliances.

Cooperation with a venture capital fund ensures the delivery of these assets in exchange to a share of the company's stock. Therefore, the fund assumes a part of the business risk seeking mid-term benefits.

This method is especially widespread internationally, having recorded significant and real business successes. In Greece, many companies have enjoyed the benefits of venture capital funding, but we also know well that there is need for even greater information and greater understanding of this contemporary method of entrepreneurial support.

In this section, we aspire gradually to offer articles, reports, publications, web links and other useful materials from Greece and abroad, hoping that entrepreneurs will gain knowledge and familiarize themselves with the potential of venture capital funding.