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Who we are

«There are many roads leading to success, but we know the direct one» 

TANEO is the first and only “fund of funds” in Greece aiming at the competitive development of venture capital funds oriented towards supporting SMEs. 

For that, we select dynamic and experienced partners, people with a strong faith in the potential of entrepreneurship. We assist in the evaluation of your ambitions and help you identify your hidden values. We possess the capital needed to speed up your company’s growth. We contribute to management providing you with the needed experience and expertise. 

Through the collaboration of private and institutional investors, we create new funds, tailor-made to address the needs of small businesses with a vision. We establish a new corporate governance for the Greek companies. 

We actively promote synergies and we reward boldness, know-how and creative communication. 

Finally, we align all our partners behind the principles of value adding and the dynamics of entrepreneurship.

Our people
Our structure